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Seventh Son
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Seventh Son

Ireland is known as the land of saints and scholars. Her culture is among the oldest and richest in the world with tales handed down from father to son through countless generations. One of these stories dates back to ancient Hibernia -The legend of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. In those early days, each tribe had a King, a Warrior Chief, A Bard -and a Healer. Warriors and Bards fought for their position with swords or quill pens; Kings and Healers were born.

The people believed that the gift of healing came directly from the Gods and that the Healer would be marked to stand out among his fellow men. So that he would be distinctly recognised, the Healer would always be the seventh son of a seventh Son. The healer had no control over his gift; the cures merely come through him from the Gods.

The legend laid down that the sick and infirm should make pilgrimages to the Healer, visiting him on three different occasions, three separate days. The cures came through the healers touch and the pilgrims would lay bare the affected parts of their bodies an allow him to place his hands on them.
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